You Build it. We Deploy it.

You're here to build apps. CodePier is here to help you manage your infrastructure, allow custom provisioning for each application, and eliminate downtime with zerotime deployments, plus, so much more. Come check it out.

Deploying Your App

Forge Heroku Engine Yard
Languages GO, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python,Ruby
During beta we will only be supporting PHP
PHP Ruby, Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Scala, Clojure Ruby, JRuby, PHP, Node.js
Automated Provisioning
Custom Server Features Installable plugins
Docker Support
Databases MariaDB, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite MariaDB, MySQL PostgreSQL MySQL, PostgreSQL
Horizontal Scaling
Vertical Scaling
Easy Custom Deployments
Zerotime Deployments out of box
Deploy Rollbacks
Cron Jobs Costs Extra
Firewall Rules
Workers Costs Extra Costs Extra
Free SSL Certificates
SSH Management
Custom Runnable Scripts
Allow Integration for Continuous Delivery
1 Click Application Installs Costs Extra
Basic Server Monitoring
Platform independence AWS Only
Team Management Costs Extra Costs Extra
Easy Cost Calculation

* this is not a comprehensive list of features