You build it,

We Deploy It.

Build, provision, deploy and manage your PHP sites easily, all on your own servers.

Your dock for DevOps

Look, just because you can, it doesn't mean you have to spend unnecessary time configuring and worrying about your deployments and processes. CodePier helps you manage it all so you have time to do what you do best: building apps.

A powerful events system helps you monitor what's going on.

Visibility is key. CodePier's innovative events system makes sure you always have real time monitoring of your processes. Our events bar provides a single location to track all of your deployments, updates, installs, workers, cron jobs and so much more. Get immediate feedback to manage and debug your app.

Everything you need to manage complex deployments

Designed around the way you work

Site priority design

Server provisioning is customized based on your site's framework and requirements, alleviating you of time-consuming setup and boosting your productivity.

Advanced server configuration

Sometimes you need a bit more control. So you'd like to use MariaDB instead of MySQL? No problem. Customize all of your database, firewall, monitoring, node features and more.

Customize your deployment

CodePier initiates steps for your deployment, but allows for the flexibility you need. Reorder, remove, or add addional scripts to your deployment process to ensure the exact configuration you need for each site.

Zero downtime deployments

Deploy as often as you need and your users will never experience interruptions. Problem with your deployment? No worries! You can easily rollback to a working version.

Deploying your app is easy!


Server monitoring available at a glance.

Stay on top of your server health. CodePier monitors data usage, memory and CPU load. Easy visibility helps you mitigate a problem before it happens. We've got your back! CodePier will even notify you via email if you've missed something.

Build, provision, deploy and manage your site easily, all on your own servers.

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